When purchasing a new furnace there are a lot of things to consider such as the size of your home, type and availability of fuel, and of course the cost of the unit.  Our trained technicians will answer your questions and help you select the proper furnace to fit your needs and your budget.    

Natural Gas and Propane Furnaces

American Standard Gas Furnace

American Standard
Gas Furnace

By far the most efficient conventional furnace is gas, with AFUE rating as high as 98.5%.  The most common type of gas furnace is forced-air.  A forced-air furnace works by pulling cool air through the cold air return, heating it and forcing it by means of a fan through the homes heat ducts.  According to ConsumerReport.org a newer natural gas furnace can save about $17 per $100 spent on fuel over an older model.  

Oil Furnaces

Carrier Oil Furnace

Oil Furnace

Oil furnace is another heating option. Oil furnaces have an AFUE rating of about 86%. Some older oil furnaces are noisy and do not burn fuel efficiently which can lead to the strong odor of kerosene and high amounts of carbon emissions.  Newer oil furnaces are quieter and cleaner burning which reduces carbon emissions.  A major drawback to oil heating is the necessity of having a large, and potentially dangerous, fuel storage tank.  Some insurance companies will not insure homes with a storage tank, even when empty.  Our trained professionals can help you decide whether to fix or replace your existing unit. 

Furnace and Heat System Installation and Repair

Carrier Gas Boiler

Gas Boiler

Our goal at Espyville Heating and Air Conditioning is to keep you comfortable year round.  Whether you have a natural or propane gas furnace, an oil furnace, electric heat, or a boiler system; our trained professionals will help you decide whether to fix or replace your existing unit. If you choose to repair, we use only high quality replacement parts made for your unit.  If you are building a new home or replacing your heating system we will work with you to select the proper unit for your needs.  We sell furnaces manufactured by American Standard and Carrier, two of the industry leaders in heating and cooling.  So whether you need repairs, replacement, or a new home installation our NATE certified technicians are fully trained to handle all your heating needs.

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