Heat Pumps

If a geothermal system is not an option, another efficient option is a standard heat pump. While not as efficient they still offer huge savings in energy cost over conventional heating and cooling systems.

How Heat Pumps Work in the Summer

Heat Pump Summer

Heat Pump in the Summer

During the summer months a heat pump works in much the same manner as an air conditioner. Warm air is returned to the air handler where the heat is extracted and the cooled air is returned to the home through the duct work system. The heat is then passed to the heat pump by means of a refrigerant contained in the system. The heat pump then dissipates the heat in the outside air. As temperatures rise the heat pump has a harder time transferring heat to the air making them less efficient at higher temperatures. Even with this draw back heat pumps offer substantial energy savings.


How Heat Pumps Work in the Winter

Heat Pump Winter

Heat Pump in the Winter

In the winter a heat pump reverse operation by collecting heat from the outside air and transferring it via the refrigerant to the home. Air is pulled in by the heat pump where the heat is extracted. The heat is passed to the air handler and the colder air is expelled by the heat pump. The air handler pulls cool air through the return air ducts passes the heat to it and returns it to the home through the heat ducts. Unfortunately as the outside temperatures drop there is less heat to extract making the heat pump less efficient at lower temperatures. Heat pumps at their least efficient operation points are still far more efficient and cost effective than conventional heating and cooling options.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Our goal at Espyville Heating and Air Conditioning is to keep you comfortable year round. Heat pumps are very low maintenance and can operate for years without servicing, but they do have moving parts that occasionally wear out and need replaced. We use only high quality replacement parts made specifically for your unit. If you are building a new home or replacing your heating and cooling system we will work with you to select the proper heat pump for your needs. We sell systems manufactured by American Standard and Carrier two of the industry leaders in heating and cooling. So whether you need repairs, replacement, or a new home installation our NATE certified technicians are fully trained to repair or install your heat pump.

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