Central Air Conditioning

How Central Air Conditioners Work

Central Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning works by collecting the heat from the air inside your home and moving it to the air outside your home. An air conditioning unit has three major components. They are: a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. The compressor and the condenser are located outside the home and the evaporator is located inside the home, usually as a part of the furnace. An air conditioning unit uses a refrigerant to exchange the heat. The refrigerant arrives at the compressor as a gas. The compressor pressurizes the gas and passes it to the condenser. The condenser releases the heat from the gas turning it into a liquid. The liquid refrigerant passes to the evaporator where the pressure drops and the refrigerant returns to a gas state, as it does it removes heat from the surrounding air and that cycle repeats until the desired temperature is reached.

Selecting a Central Air Conditioning Unit

There are some important questions to consider when deciding which central air conditioning unit will work for you. How big of an air conditioner do you need? How efficient is the new unit? How much does it cost to operate? How much will the unit cost?

Size of Central Air Conditioning Unit

Cross-section of an Air Conditioner

Cross-section of an
Air Conditioner

The size of an air conditioner is expressed in BTU/h or more commonly for central air conditioning, in tons. One ton is equal to 12,000 BTU/h. When selecting the proper size of air conditioning unit for your needs you must consider the location, the size of your home, and the amount of insulation in your home. Location is important because someone who lives in Northwestern PA will not need as large a unit as someone living in Southern FL. The size of your home (in square feet) is very important when selecting the correct air conditioner. A larger home will require a more powerful unit than a smaller home. Out of sight should not include out of mind. The amount of insulation hidden inside your walls is also an important factor in selecting the size of air conditioner for your needs.

Efficiency of Central Air Conditioning Unit

The efficiency of a central air conditioning unit is measured in SEER or EER and expressed in the form of 10 BTU/Wh(BTUs per Watt hour). The higher these values the more efficient the unit. The SEER of a air conditioner is a more realistic value because more factors are considered than are in the EER. Newer units can have a SEER as high as 21. When not supplied the EER can be calculated by multiplying the SEER by 0.875. The SEER of a unit will always be higher then the EER. The EER of a unit is used in southern states due to the high demand and higher peak hour energy cost.

Operating Cost of Central Air Conditioning Unit

Carrier Central Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

The cost of operation can be calculated using SEER of an air conditioner. To determine the cost of operation you must first calculate the average power usage. As an example we’ll say we are talking about a central air conditioning unit with an output of 10,000 BTU/h, a SEER rating of 10 BTU/Wh, and electricity price of $0.30 kWh. The average power usage would be BTU/h divided by SEER:
10,000 / 10 = 1000 W = 1 kWh. We can than calculate the cost of operation by multiplying the average usage and the price of electricity:
1 kWh x $0.30kWh = $0.30/h.
So the average cost of operation is $0.30 per hour.

Cost of Central Air Conditioning Unit

There are a number of factors to consider when determining cost of the unit you need. Your budget is a very large determining factor. The size of air conditioner needed is another significant factor in determining price and as you might expect the BTUs the more BUCKS. This makes it very important to determine the correct size. While it’s true that the higher the SEER the more efficient the unit its also true that the higher the SEER the higher the price. When determining the right price to pay you must consider how much the higher SEER will actually save you over a slightly lower SEER over the long run.

Central Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

American Standard Central Air Conditioner

American Standard
Air Conditioner

Our goal at Espyville Heating and Air Conditioning is to keep you comfortable year round. Our trained professionals can help you decide whether to fix or replace your existing air conditioning unit. If you choose to repair it, we use only high quality replacement parts made for your unit. If you are building a new home or replacing your current air conditioning system we will work with you to select the proper unit for your needs. We sell air conditioner manufactured by American Standard and Carrier two of the industry leaders in heating and cooling. So whether you need repairs, replacement, or a new home installation our NATE certified technicians are fully trained to handle all your cooling needs.

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